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Motivate the Mind

Dream Therapy with Art

Georg Scholz-Small Town by Day 1922, photo by the author

There is one particular dream he kept seeing in distress. A week ago, he dreamt the same scene. The last this happened, he was making himself very miserable in a relationship. He knew that this is the signal to clean up the mess inside outside. He had an idea how to do this: Going to art museum. But first he needs to start with the studio home. He lives with his bird Dragon (who is as big as a Christmas tree ornament, his name from one time quite famous anime. Dragon sleeps in his cage but he is liberate enough to act like the owner of the house. The doorbell can trigger his nonstop repetitious chat for five minutes.)

There bowls on the coffee table, used to fill with pistachios, peanut, now it is empty. The blanket wrapped around itself. Only one place to sit is his sectional green sofa, completed with two pillows covered the pattern of marbling art. He organizes the living room and head to the only art museum of the city.

The museum filled with enthusiastic people, making cold as an excuse to stroll indoors and amuse with colors. This is his tour plan: he will choose one painting on each floor of the museum (if you count as the first floor as the entrance, it has total three floors. The collection is made of permanent contemporary, modern art pieces, and welcomes one new exhibition every eight weeks. Temporary exhibition welcomes the inaugural artists, who owns a perspective in social problems.) and spend 5 min looking in depth for details.

Floor 1: A painting of a woman wearing stola, with a bay leaf headband, a symbol of Ancient Greece. Light blue background magnifies the nobelty of this queen. I wonder how her day looks like. What does this art mean to him? Noble loneliness.

Floor 2: A painting of fruit with nectar splashed on the tablecloth. There must be a bee here in close distance but not in the picture. The juicy fruit looks delicious.

Floor 3: Day life in a town. This is very comforting. The feeling of life goes on somewhere in rhtyhm. The butcher explicitly prepares the dinner for the town. A lady hangs out her head from the window to chat with a well-dressed man, who must be driving the cart. Three ducks are heading to the pond…




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