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Motivate the Mind

From “The Power of Fun” by Catherine Price (12/2021)

Hello Fun and Functional Fringes

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Stu and Allie pondering 7th Pie Theory — inspired by Functional Fringes

So What Are Functional Fringes?

According to Stu, we have a few unrecognized problems which create a confounding context for improving our conditions here. Catherine Price may not have meant to, but she touched on it in her book when talking about deciding (like, that’s what our lives are comprised of mostly, right?), cogitating, while struggling in a broad cortisol-rich environment.

By Bria of Anartica. Again, a metaphor, not just a quaint scene.
Pawpaw, Persimmon, wildflowers, and important soil and roots you can’t see

What’s new?

We didn’t have good internet in the countryside in the late 2000’s when this started up (again). Sure, some don’t want the internet, but it does provide an easier way to incorporate this Functional Fringe into our lives. Besides, we won’t hurt the internet’s feeling if we simply choose not to be connected all the time out there.



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