How to Create a Timeline for your Goals

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9 min readOct 26, 2021

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Your personal or professional growth and progress may drastically suffer if you don’t have a clear path, or better to say, a timeline for your goals. To achieve your goals, having a timeline is one crucial step that cannot be ignored as it would be essential to know your path towards success and steps you should follow than wander lost.

Now the real question is: How to create a timeline for your goals? To create a timeline for your purpose is essential to envision your goal on the short term and long term process to set a realistic expectation and create an action plan. Having a backup plan and creating an achievement system will prompt you to achieve your final goals alongside commitment and dedication.

Sometimes won’t be easy for you to set yourself an expectation for your goals and execute every action you develop because of the unknown factors which can get in your way. Therefore, my next step is to help you create a timeline for your goals in this post. Now, are you ready to move forward?

Set a realistic expectation to be able to create a timeline for your goals

Whatever your goals are, one of the most important things is to establish a realistic expectation. Be realistic. It wouldn’t be helpful if your goals are to get to space in the next five years; I mean, it’s unlikely, but who am I to contradict your dreams?

But it would be more than helpful for yourself to set a very realistic expectation for your goals such as “buy a house in the next three years”, “advance on your career this year”, “visit at least 50 countries in the next two years”, “become a successful photographer in 5 years” and much more. Those are just a few common goals you can achieve much easier if you stop thinking at the end reward and create a clear path and plan on how you can get there.

Now, realistically, think about your position on the timeline of your goal: how far you are from achieving the outer success, how far you are until you accomplish your goal? You probably won’t tell precisely due to the impossibility to predict action in the long term run, but you can visualise it.

Setting the deadline for your goal would help you create a static possibility of achieving those…

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