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How to Rise Against Constant Negative Thoughts

The way we think affects how we live and function. Your thoughts are powerful and it will determine your reaction to life’s different scenarios.

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Constant negative thinking can cripple you. It can lead to poor self-esteem and a distraught view of looking at yourself and the world.

To stop thinking negatively does not mean that you must see the world with rose-coloured glasses.

We are all human and because we are human, we are prone to experiencing moments that cause us to get down. Life happens to us all. However, to remain in a constant cycle of negative thoughts is detrimental to your way of living.

Here are a few tips that I’m learning about how to rise against constant negative thoughts.

Start to Monitor Your Different Thought Patterns & Behaviour

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You can be living your life in a way where you are always programmed to see the negative yet not aware. This is because you are so used to seeing the downfall.

One way to change this is to start monitoring your different thoughts. Do you find yourself saying things such as “I can never reach my goals,” “I am not good enough,” No one cares what I have to say,” or even “I’m such a loser.”

You might think that the inner dialogue is just things you say but it can affect how you show up in the world.

Such thoughts prevent you from going after your goals. Such thoughts prevent you from having new experiences. Such thoughts prevent you from being a better version of yourself.

Question the Reality of Your Thought Patterns

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Another strategy for you to change your negative thought patterns is to question the reality of all the thoughts that pass through your head.

Sometimes, the way we think is an exaggerated view of the way things are. Sometimes, the way we think is also simply an assumption.

For example, you show up to an event in a wonderful new dress. However, maybe you then get a coffee stain on your dress. It’s a small stain but your anxieties are telling you that the stain is huge. Everyone at the event will be talking about your stain.

Whereas the reality is that people at the event are more focused on themselves.

Reframe the Negative Thinking to Something Positive

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If you find yourself in a constant stream of “I can’t,” It’s not possible, it’s time to reframe these thoughts. Instead of saying that you can’t deal with money, state this, “ I admit I have difficulties with financial management but budgeting is what I will learn to do.”

You must be able and willing to change the thought pattern. The result is that by ending with something positive, then your behaviour changes.

Instead of you giving up on getting your finances together, you are now taking a more proactive approach to figuring out solutions to managing your money better.

Final Thoughts

Negative thinking is human nature because we are all going through the ups and downs of life. However, it’s important we don’t dwell in negativity. You have to rise above it by always checking in on yourself, questioning the facts vs assumptions and when possible, we can choose to see a different perspective.


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