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In the Beginning, There were Six Pies, According to Stu

This is not a story about origins, but about 7th Pie Theory, which might save us from ourselves, according to Stu.

An early rendering of Stu and Allie working out 7th Pie Theory. The only major change is that the 7-Piece Pie display tray has been rotated 180 degrees from what’s shown. The image is from around 1920.

I paused posting on Medium for the most part, but I like Motivate the Mind, and its being out of East Sussex, U.K. seems especially fitting for This Project, not that NW Indiana, U.S. would seem to have any connections. I’ve written about those connections, but they’ll come up again, and I don’t have time to link them here for the two or three people that might be interested, no offense to you two or three.

The connection to Motivate the Mind might seem to be a stretch as well, but this is actually nonfiction of a sort, creative nonfiction as my MFA daughter-in-law tells me, which I didn’t know was a thing, and it’s actually very much along the lines of Motivate the Mind in a meandering, metaphorical, and a-little-magical way. If Julie approves this for publication here, if you’re seeing this, then maybe she agrees.

I’m using my own website mostly now in order to preserve the peaceful obscurity and avoid triggering the Stralfs to retaliate, not that I’m sure they would. We’re so close though, to turning back those Foes of Flourishing, the Stralfs, from Planet Stralf, so I don’t want to risk it.

The first official episode was posted at the website a few weeks ago, on National Pie Day (US), of course. I’m reprinting it here too because Bug Stu suggested it to me just last night. It might just be an emotional thing on his part, being from East Sussex way back, but I’m going with it. Here it is.

Episode 1

I wonder what this “Episode 1” will be. There’s so much to tell. If you’ve read the previous minus episodes here, and I’m not sure episodes is the right word, you know that there have been some seemingly magical convergences bringing this all together, but also some meddling and manipulative aliens trying to thwart it. “It” is a necessarily meandering story, or collection of stories, about “Is,” told from the Middle of Nowhere, but maybe relevant to everywhere, at least everywhere in the Milky Way galaxy.

Today is National Pie Day. To those of you who have been reading for a while, no, I’m not going through all the timing and convergences about The Pie’s beginnings again. Though I should point out that it’s not only National Pie Day today, but it was also on this day in 1984 that a lot of universe denting was kicked off by a Super Bowl commercial. Yes, that was today, 38 years ago, the age of a humie just approaching the prime of their life, as with many of my former students. (I wrote about the significance of the commercial in Episode Minus 7. More helpful links will be added here later, but google is there to serve the impatiently curious, if you know what I mean.)

Today’s magical convergences begin with the very belated celebration of Christmas at the farm where Bug Stu has spent much of his life. (Supply chain issues, let’s say, a common phrase to us co-chronies but maybe intriguing to future readers of history here.) It’s been almost a month since Christmas, which Stu sees as our main defense against the Stralfian strategy, but the convergences couldn’t have happened without that delay. And actually, for Stralfian records and future planning of our self-imposed planetary exile, 2021 doesn’t end until the Super Bowl takes place, which is February 13th this year. So in a way, this is still Christmas season, as it will be until the day before Valentine’s Day. You can make what you will of that, but it’s probably significant too.

None of the current key contributors here are fans of woo-woo weavings in lieu of recognizing plain old asymmetrical probabilities. However, we have to admit that we love, as only a collective of quasi-imaginary colleagues and their maker can probably, the alignment of elements and events around their story.

Since it’s somewhat of a holiday, I’ll leave this entry short. Episode 1 turned out to be a brief introduction. I had no idea really. I’m just a little too foggy to write this right, I think. Maybe it was the magical and odd combination of pears and persimmons in the last-minute pie from Sweet Revolution Bake Shop. Maybe it was the homemade Christmas Tree Needle Gin (!) from my daughter and her Derrick (from their actual Christmas Tree!). Maybe it’s lurking Stralfs.

And maybe it’s good this way. Maybe it increases the chances that we’re accidentally going to “leave them wanting more”, as they say. More of The Pie, more of Bug Stu, more of some musings beyond woos and gurus. Lol. Okay, I’m done. Thanks for reading.

Tim (and Stu, and Allie)

PS: I wish I could include the 1-minute audio trailer here, but I haven’t figured out how. It’s at the website — first draft for first fans. In the world of quasi-fictional counterfactual metamockumentaries, musical or otherwise, timelines can get a little weird. Not a lot weird, at least not here, because I don’t enjoy that myself. Okay, now I’m thinking, “Ah…2021…what you could have done…” (we still have until the Super Bowl kick-off, February 13th, to turn 2021 into a bad year for beings that like bad years — the Stralfs.)




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