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Motivate the Mind

Is It Really Generation Gap??

“How different Life was back then?”

“Those were the Good old days.”

Canva Design by Author

But I can’t deny! Can you? 🤔

  • Same People
  • Same House
  • Same Table
  • Different Views points
  • Different Expectations
  • Definite Disappointments!
  • It’s not the Generation Gap.
  • It’s the Technology Gap.

Gap created by Over-use of Technology.

→ Between

  • Elder and Younger
  • Younger and Elder
  • Younger and Younger
  • Elder and Elder, of course.

→ Attention Span is just 8 secs

  • Decreased from 12seconds
  • A notification on the mobile
  • Is another distraction!

More than Earlier!

  • It’s getting worse.
  • Day by day!

The Solution.. ..??

  • It’s simple..!

Opt out! Yes! Opt out from.. ..

  • Notifications
  • Applications
  • Negativity
  • Toxicity

You have two Options:



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