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Motivation Series: Creative Shrine

Multiple images collected together in a digital collage. The images represent different things for different people; with some being about breaking boundaries, some about the chaos represented in the stringing of too many power lines on one power line pole, and others of an astronuant sitting ontop of the moon.

Today, I will be adding a new digital collage to my Motivation Series. This one is called Creative Shrine.

Within this collage, the images collide together in a visual chaotic whirlwind. Some viewers may engage and seek out the connections between the images; searching for the meaning between and offered by each. Though, others will look at Creative Shrine and see nothing but a lawless mishmash of images thrown together haphazardly.

Both engagements and opinions are welcomed and appreciated.

Creative Shrine was put together to help remind me where creativity is born: from chaos. Seeing this collection of images, I feel as if I am looking directly into the source. The place where creativity burst forth from below the hard mountain surface, which is no longer able to suppress the volcanic energy underneath.

Within this collage, a viewer can start at any point and drift to any other part without being wrong; making a valid and lively story throughout their entire journey. That is creativity. Just throwing things together, good or bad, you have created something which was nonexistent before.

Like my other digital collages, those already shared and those soon to be shared, I have Creative Shrine framed above my workstation. While I work, I am reminded of the importance of chaos in motion for all my creative works. Most importantly, by being open to chaos, I purposefully allow myself to become the vessel for which this creative energy can flow through.

Each time I look at this image, I am reminded that I am the vessel for creative energy, not the provider; so, I must be open and listening at all times.

Be well, my friends.

— MT



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