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Motivation Series: Watching You

The image is a digital collage. It hosts images of stoic looking celeberties who are looking at the front facing observer.

I love to create. It is the most liberating and soul-enriching experience I have ever felt. All parts of the process are exciting; even the revision process. However… I tend to have a troubling issue with self-confidence. For years, this handicap has held me back, slowed me down, and made me get off track in pursuit of more secure lifestyle choices.

But, throughout my entire journey, I have always felt this soul guiding intuition sense of purpose to continue creating.

Knowing I needed to create but unaware of how I was supposed to get myself beyond the self-created fears, I decided that I needed to sit down and think of a solution. Flipping through ideas in my mind, I was smacked awake by the imaginative suggestion that the best motivation is to have my heroes act as my motivated mentors who wanted to see me do better every day.

From that simple idea, I started to piece together a Hero Collage; one of them shown above. These portraits are a small representation of those I respect for their artistic talents in their own works. Too, these people represent others I wish to gain respect from through the produced energy I bring to my own works of art.

As you can see in the portraits above, the faces of these artists are generally one of curiosity and stoic concentration. This collage, called Watching You, is one of the Hero Collages that I framed and placed above my workstation. As such, I am constantly under pressure feeling the need to impress each of them. While this may be demotivating for some; for me, it is extremely motivating.

Going forward, I plan to share all of my digital collages with you over a period of posts. I will collect and call these posts: Motivation Series.

If you find you like this image or any future images I post — download them. Or, if you feel motivated by this Hero Collage idea then go out there and make your own; too, I would love to see what you create!

I hope you find something important and moving in this association of pictures and that you create something amazing for this world. We all progress further because we all put something into the world.

— MT

—Extra Notices—

Just to make sure it is clear, these are my heroes, but I do not wish to meet them one day. While it would be fun to have a deep conversation with one or two of them, my collages are made to motivate me and remind me of the level of energy I must bring to each works I create.


While I do regularly make sure that all my posts that require citation are provided, I am not doing this for these college sharing pieces. First, the Medium algorithm will think my post is extremely long to read because — this is a generalized art piece. Anyone using a search engine could find these images without issue. I consider these images used as common knowledge.



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