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Confused….. Can imagine. I have a point readers, TRUST ME.

I went to my eye doctor for a regular checkup. Yes, a little headache and light sensitivity was actually hindering my works every now and then. I have been using glasses from the very early teenage, and the numbers made sure that it increased with my age. So its every ones wish to use a lens or to remove glasses for ones in for all.

My doctor is 26 years experienced person took his MBBS and MS from a very reputed schools of all time in India; and I had my first glasses from him. That means our 18 years relationship can prove how much I relied on him. Not just me, my whole family of 3 goes there for the same exact years. So literally I would say I made sure he made a part of his fortunes from me.

Lets cut to chase. We (family of 3) went with a prior appointment at 9am sharp. As always he made sure he checked my eye condition before checking the powers. I am always thankful that he does that every single time. That means we are put for eye dilation from the second we enter in. For parents, the dilation ended with a drop for 3 times every 15 mins. And they were back with the whole report by 10.30am. I am still there with the 5th drop, still not dilated enough. By 12 (since I lost count of how many more they have put), I was asked to go inside.

He checked my eye and asked one single question “What are you working on now?” Told I am in to a new blockchain project, even added that its in prototype phase. Next second I had revelation on why I said it. “Prototype!!!” he exclaimed and I got confused if he misses the word. But the very next thing that came from his mouth made me want to murder….. “STOP IT IN PROTOTYPE PHASE ITSELF…. else you will lose even the house you stay”. I was damn struck by a shock. Adding to it he included “whatever it is, blockchain is another version of money chain and is banned here, you are doing illegal business”. My dad’s face changed like he saw a ghost. I looked at back at him like a ghost. I felt like I was dragged down the core of the earth.

He wants me to shift my business from blockchain to something else from where I can earn. He even insisted my parents to talk out me from it else the whole family property will be lost on that. He was so particular that the youngsters doesn't accept the fact that it is a type of money chain.

Just because my eyes were dilated and he was supposed to do a laser for my sight correction, I forever hold my silence. Thinking that he is the one I was taking treatment from my early teenage even scared me to the core.

The next time I went, I had prepared a full PPT and was ready to educate. I waited till all the patients leave and the clinic was to close. I wanted to talk to him. Hearing my requirement, he assumed I was here to just brag about my project and was to ask for investment. On that day while leaving there with pity in my mind, I learnt the best lesson in my life…… NEVER TRY EDUCATE A FOOL WHO THINKS HE IS THE KING.



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Amuta Sivadas

Amuta Sivadas


A late bloomer, But A good friend for known and a good psychologist for unknown