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Motivate the Mind

Understanding what’s in the 7th Pie Piece and why

Repairing Repair and Disrupting Despair

Just one of the super synergistic ingredients of The 7th Pie Peace

What the Hell Does This Have To Do With Pie Of Any Kind?

When I was a kid, using Hell instead of heck was pretty extreme. See how much I’ve grown? Okay, here’s the point, which will hopefully make some sense and not be too unpopular here. Based on the feed I get from Medium, it seems like this might be foolishly beyond the pale of postmodern orthodoxy, but I can explain why I’m out here — out here implying something, which is all most of our explorations give us if we’re even open to them.

Relevant Closing Paragraph

I haven’t run across any better explanation of the role that repair, literally, can play in our enjoyment of life, not to mention enhancement of our environment in multiple ways, than Matthew Crawford’s books, starting with Shop Class as Soul Craft back in 2010. But it’s not like everyone has to do it. Maybe everyone would benefit, idk, but there are plenty of societal and individual benefits for that fraction than does and can engage in it, full or part-time. I don’t mean this as an ethic nor just as an individual’s practice. It’s bigger than that, just like how regenerative ag and the food movement are/were bigger than individuals doing gardening and cooking.



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