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Testing Yours Fears Out

Do what scares you the most

Sometimes, you have come across various assumptions in your life which you have not got any data on. These data give you information on whether your fears are right or not.These are your untested emotion that remains unchecked.

Yours fears drives you crazy, your rationality takes a hit.

Fear is a byproduct of dislike toward things your weak in. The Produce of things where efforts were not in the picture to make them real.

Arising from the place of unlikable things you behave like a nut case. Extreme fears can result in you hyperventilating. You won’t function properly if you are scared all the time.

You could be scared of new things which you don’t have much experience in .Try to learn and know as much as possible, it decreases the chances of fear and builds familiarity to your work. Which may become comfort in future.

Everything was discomfort at first until it becomes a comfort — from the author.

It can lead to a mental breakdown. It starts small but it can turn deadly.You don’t want to hyperventilate. Do you?

Nope, you don’t want that in your life. Being scared is a very human trait. You don’t want to be there to feel your nerve-wracking in a pieces. And shattering your demeanour right there.Its a weird feeling dealing with them and experiencing them is groundbreaking enough for you.

So, a better option would be to test your fears out. Checking the validity of your assumption is one of the best things you could do to yourself.

Here, are the few things you could try —

Do what scares you the most and you’ll feel empowering of some sort — A very rare feeling indeed.

1. Tackle them one by one

2. Focus on what you can control

3. Manage your schedule well enough to avoid pileups of workload

4. Track the things that can turn into damages in future

5. Check whether these thoughts were right or not

6. Don’t leave things midway as it becomes a habit

7. Change your outlook towards fear

The thing with fear is that you don’t give yourself the choice to tackle them.You just rush in to escape them when you come across them .By running away, escaping them you are just avoiding things for the time being not for eternity.

You may run now or forever, but you are just running away from you dealing with skills that will be upgraded when you in that phase. You forget that with every fear, there comes a chance to learn. Learning necessary skills now so that when you experience a similar situation like these again you will come out with flying colours.

Just enjoy the journey of your life for now.Many thrilling things are yet to come. Some may be good or some may be bad .All are part of outlook of life .You can change them whenever you want .It totally depends upon you when you want to.So, don’t fear the fear, take a lead to accept them as they are in appearance to you.

Happy reading ☺



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