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Motivate the Mind

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To Suffering

Here we are separated
From each other yet again,
We can’t exchange glances now
Although none of us was ready,
But it was not in our hands,
Accept it life is so cruel,
I’m just its prisoner
It bruised and burned my heart
My past comes to haunt me,
I suffered for too long,
And the future doubles it now
I choose not to kneel,
Live through this suffering,
I tell myself and I kept walking;
I’ve to reach a place,
Far away from the land of Moses and Jove
I’ve to pass through darkness and the
Hatred has engulfed this world.
The serpent is after my life,
Since the day he forced her to taste
The fruit of wisdom,
Wasted all those precious lives,
That had ever lived among us
Yet they aren’t here anymore.



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Thoughts of Phoenix

Thoughts of Phoenix

I write to keep myself alive, and I do see the things, feel them and I try to give those feelings and experiences a shape in my own words.