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Week 3 Update from Motivate the Mind

Growing by leaps and bounds!

Photo by David Bartus from Pexels

I was pleasantly surprised to see Motivate the Mind double in growth from week one to week two.

It is almost unbelievable that Motivate the Mind has more than doubled once again in week three.

This is all thanks to you!


A week ago, Motivate the Mind had 261 minutes of reading time. Today, that number sits at 624 minutes read.

Screen capture by the author Jameson Steward

Almost ten and a half hours of reading time on all the stories in Motivate the Mind!

The views have also more than doubled — going from 524 views last week to 1,385 views.

Screen capture by the author Jameson Steward

The number of views on Motivate the Mind’s stories nearly tripled in week three!


After the first week, we had 14 writers. After our second week, we had grown to 32 writers. After this third week, we now have 72 writers on board with Motivate the Mind!

Many of you have submitted stories over this past week — our growth speaks to you’re involvement. I started this publication to help writers — new and more experienced. Thank you for getting involved!

A Tiny Favor

If you could do something for me, I would deeply appreciate it — doing this is helpful for you.

When you submit your stories to Motivate the Mind, please submit them as an unpublished draft.

If you’re unsure how to do this, I wrote a quick guide to walk you through the process.

Thanks for writing!

Keep motivating your mind and the minds of others! Yall are the best!




Motivation is one of the most important keys to success. It inspires action and keeps you going when times get tough. Find your motivation and keep it with our motivational stories!

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