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Motivate the Mind

What can she avoid today: Being too ambitious

She was in her thirties. Her dress was longer than the ground and swept the floor. The yellow-colored dress fits the beauty of her flexible body. She stepped on the stage and started playing the piano, first few keys, and then with both hands. The orchestra joined at the peak of the tone. It created arousal among the audience. When she finished, the audience's mind was tuned and can speak the same language: music.

Today, her subconscious was uncomfortable. She wanted to cry with the hope to focus on her own voice. You could hear her inconspicuous cry. She was trying to soothe the men and women around her. Then there was one person, who was literally blind but can listen to her. Is there a place where she can be listened to unbiasedly? It took a lifetime to get there. She was approaching death and was scared. One of the doctors was a friend to her. She was looking for an experience and this was important to her. Close to death experience. But she was in charge of her cravings.

In the next room, the lady was sewing a hat for her daughter. She was thinking of her and dreaming the day that she will come to visit her again. When her daughter has joy, she was happy. Being with her was like heaven. Going back to her was the ultimate happiness, feeling close to God again. She missed so much to be alone with her and protected by One.

At this age, you can see no craving for the past. The future is short and just one moment away. So at this age, she is just here, at now. She has no reason to share herself with another body. She likes writing to herself.

Let's give a break to the overambitious life. Rather than choosing multiple, let's go with the single and live him all the way deeper down. That is so much awesome.



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