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What can you learn from a tree?

Live life like a tree

Photo by veeterzy on Unsplash

A tree is ubiquitous; you can find it almost anywhere, but a tree is not just a tree. It represents a way of living. It tells that if you live your life aligned with nature, you will not be perturbed when you hit a rough patch.

Trees shed their leaves, and it appears that they have reached the end of their life, but the next season trees are covered with leaves: bouncing back from their lean phase.

It reminds us that bad times come but what’s true is bad times will change into good times. Nothing lasts forever.

When you are in despair, don’t forget that whatever is causing despair will disappear, or you will see a positive aspect of that situation. After night comes day, and so does good times follow bad times.

And what you can do during tough times/bad times is make the best use of what you have. Just like a tree, when it’s nothing but dry wood, it doesn’t complain or crib about what it doesn’t have or blames the season. The tree makes the best use of sunlight and food available underneath the soil. And sure enough, the next season, it regains its lost greenery.

Be like a tree. Discover opportunities, Discover what you can do, your potential.

And tree also teaches selflessness. It offers oxygen, fresh air, fruits, flowers but doesn’t expect anything in return. It just goes about doing its duty. Be like a tree, and you will shine in the garden of life just as a tree shines in any garden where it’s planted.




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