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Motivate the Mind

When Electron Falls Into Proton

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

We gathered around the fireplace, all were listening to the sound of crackling wood. Burning from core to the peripheral branches. The smoke is adorable only if you are distant. Three of us were staring the fire dance, elonging from red to orange, yellow to black. Three women are sitting together in silence waiting a word of speech to be uttered by one of them soon. We travelled here three days ago. The journey was a week of road trip with multiple stops at instict minutes. We were all longing for this holiday break for several weeks. First jumped on to a train, traveled in a four-bed cabin. We all slept in the same cabin. Pillows were too soft but the only available, if you haven't brought yours. The blankets were made of wool-cotton stripped textile isolating our bodies from the cold. We travelled during the day, watching the cities, lives through the window. Trees were running away, the cows were standing along the grass. We made the promise to head out to this country exactly three years ago. Each of us has their own nicknames that were inspired by atom. Because we were all strings of a matrix. Let me introduce us:

  1. My name is proton. I was born far away from this land. Very ancient land, that I carry the accent in each word I utter. Proton is stable with neutron in the nucleus of an atom. It is positively charged. So our core is positive in bound with number of neutrons. If you have matching numbers of protons and neutrons you will be more stable not to decay. You feel the restlessness of the core in the atom if protons are more than neutrons. So be careful my dear, be positive but with the grounded stable silence.
  2. My name is neutron. I don`t remember where I came from because I never got the chance to learn. Maybe from the ocean. My dark hair does not reflect the nation normality. To speak the truth, I prefer not to suffer and keep next to proton.
  3. My name is electron. I circle around the core for eternal years. I protect the core from decay. This is the sound of the whirling fire and I circle around the core that gave me the energy not to collapse in.

Then, I felt three of us unite. As a union, like an atom I became one conscious mind. We all have the positive core bonded in stillness, but we also have the negative ideas surrounding our thought. Remember, atom is the unit of all elements. Negative charges seek the positivity but not collapse. Wonder why…




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