Motivate the Mind
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Motivate the Mind

Shedding Falsehoods, acrylic 36" x 16" by artist Michelle Lindblom

Why The Hell is Everyone In Such a Hurry?

Impatience is not Sustainable

What underlies impatience? What are the circumstances that expose the need to be done and over with something? Or in a hurry to witness the end? Seeking the goal without experiencing the journey. The allure of 10 second news, giving us just enough to wet our appetite or rack us with anger, worry, despair without giving the whole story. A story…




Motivation is one of the most important keys to success. It inspires action and keeps you going when times get tough. Find your motivation and keep it with our motivational stories!

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M Lindblom

Connecting, weaving and revealing my soul through writing and art.

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