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Windy city with holes

The tour starts at 1045 am. It is the sweet time to have a breakfast together. Walking along the river that has a vanishing point at the skyscraper on the right and a lighthouse on the left. She has been watching the lighthouse minutes after waking up. It is similar to mornings of her childhood. She remembered the taste of whitish freshness. Only birds are awake and the bagel seller. She loved buying the bagel on the street, which you can not witness here. The bagels were baked with caramelized sesame seeds that stick to the warm soft dough. It goes great with the sheep cheese and hot black tea. She is back to the room from where her mind traveled. There is a noise of traffic lights blinking through the drawning sun. She missed walking through the roads of big city with a minute walk to the green parks, tall trees and the sea. The wind is blowing her hair from the sea.

The memories bring back the joy of childhood. This city is calling back to good memories. She changes her clothes and wears a skirt with a red topsweater. The parfume on her skin spreads to the scarf surrounding her neck. These all make her feel special of her own.

The tour guide is a multilingual sailor man. He used to be a mechanical engineer and understands the language of architecture. He knows the taste of superior design and how to build safe skyscrapers in a city. He describes three ways to avoid collapse of a skyscraper. I thought of trees that collapses with thunderstorms, lightnings. We need holes to avoid tall buildings swaying with the wind. So the wind could enter the spaces, creating a safety movement zone. The other method is to fill a couple of floors with water tank that dampens the horizontal force of the wind. If it is not a very tall building, making it tight and rigid will make is sturdy.

Like humans, if you have a space you will sway with the wind. The wind is inevitable in this city, better to have some holes to let it go through. She wishes to create them in herself.




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