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Your Space To Create… While Having A Family

Photo by Dan Barrett on Unsplash

Within my home, I have a creative workspace that is private and used exclusively for my creative needs. This space, I affectionately call The Herb.

While the name is amusing, the real power is found within The Herb. Once I cross its threshold and take my seat, I am in the zone. Now, I am creating, thinking, shifting new ideas around, and destroying what I thought was amazing at one time only to find it banal later.

To accomplish this creative magic, The Herb has been manicured for my needs. Here, I have total control over the flow of its spiritual energy and how that energy feeds me.

Well, that was fun; but, now for a dose of reality.

Sure, The Herb is a magical space, but I have a roadblock. That being, I have a family.

When one has a family, you find that your once sacred space transforms into a communal gathering location and an extended fun zone. While I entered The Herb to write and listen to music, shortly after entering, I find that the chosen music is dependent upon what my young son wanted.

Was I trying to read a poem out loud so that I may appreciate the sounds of each word the artist was attempting to convey to their audience? Yes; but, that is quickly silenced once I hear, “Dad…! I’m trying to play with my toys.”

Although these stifling interruptions challenge my productive momentum, I have learned to appreciate them as learning opportunities instead of becoming frustrated. Much like the flower who pushes its way through the mounds of the earth to feed upon the sun’s rays, I too gain from my restrictions which later benefit me during less restrictive times.

For example, when I am gifted a few hours of no distractions or interruptions, I use every minute professionally. During these sporadic opportunities of freedom, I do not engage in anything but writing. I turn off my cellphone and all applications on my laptop that might notify me of an alert.

Equally important, I do not allow any doubtful thoughts to creep in; such as, “Will I be interrupted soon?” Instead, I accept that someone else is handling my son and that this gift is rare so I will take full advantage of it.

Although my experienced life barrier might not be the same for you, it should be understood that everyone has something that is restricting their time and efforts. However, what is most important to be aware of is that these unique roadblocks slowing our potential growth are frustrating but are also an opportunity in themselves. Instead of allowing them to impede or even halt our growth, we should observe, learn, and adapt to these challenges.

When you feel trapped or frustrated, instead of dwelling on the restrictions ask an open question and listen for a truthful answer. For example, try this question, “How can I still make this work?”

Do not give up. You are smart; MacGyver that shit! Remember, when life gives you lemons — take a hairpin, two pine cones, some wires, and make an airplane to fly out of that Debbie Downer bullshit!

Just like me, you got this. I hope you all the best, and I look forward to seeing what you create.

Be well, my friends!


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