You Are LIMITLESS — Just BELIEVE Yourself

Limitations — Limitations

Do you have observed that how vast this world is?

Do you have observed that how vast this universe is?

Do you have observed the sky during the night time?

Do you have observed the blue sky during the day time?

Are there any limitations? All these are vast beyond our measure. But do you know there is one thing that much more vast and unlimited then these. What is that one thing?

This limitless thing is your MIND. This limitless thing is you Mr. Human.

Human mind is indeed limitless. Human is indeed limitless. You can do what you want — You can achieve what goals you want to achieve. You can turn your imagined world into a reality. But why, what is the reason that being limitless, having such an unlimited capacity, have unlimited strength, most of the people live a mediocre life, most of the people suffer from failures, most of the people are unable to turn their dreams into reality.

Reason is that even in reality we are limitless beyond measure but we don’t believe that we are limitless. We put artificial limits on ourselves. We lock our mind. We consider ourselves limited.

If you want to achieve something, if you want to acquire something then you can achieve it, just you have to break this artificial lock, that you have put on your limitless mind. Just you have to tell your mind that this is my dream, this is my goal and I am going to achieve it. I am going to get it. Then you will see that how ways started opening for you.

ALLAH has sent you to this world a limitless one with a limitless mind. But It depends on you that how you consider yourselves. How much limit you put on your mind. If you consider yourself as unlimited one that you will become an unlimited and you will automatically get the strengths. But when you count on excuses, you put artificial shit barriers in front of you, then your mind will accept what you are talking to it and you will find yourself as weak and stuck.

You are created limitless. There is nothing you cannot achieve. We fear of the unknown and that’s why we are limited. Once you become fearless — you become limitless.

As quoted by Napoleon Hill — “What your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”.

You know that who is your strongest enemy? You know what is most difficult barrier in your life to cross? Stand in front of the mirror and you will find your enemy.

As quoted — “Define you Limits. Don’t let your limits define you. Believe you are limitless and you will be”.

“If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.” — Brue Lee

If I had to sum up his life and philosophy in a single word, the one I’d choose is ‘limitless.’ — Bruce Lee

“You are limitless! Accept this truth and soar to infinity.” ― Amy Leigh Mercree

Most of us complain that we are not good at something. We are not good at writing. We are not good in sports. So you are not good at writing because you are not trying to write, you have not written before. You are not practicing much enough to be good writer, to be a good player. To become extra-ordinary at something, you have to do extra-ordinary amount of work. You have to become fearless. You have to cross your limitations.

Now I want to tell you my story. I want to be motivational speaker and writer. I enjoy learning, talking and writing about personal development and motivation. I have a YouTube channel “Motivation Recharge” where I upload videos and also I write motivational and personal development stuff on Medium and LinkedIn. That to become Motivational and Personal development speaker and writer is my goal of life — my dream. Also I am working as Assistant Manager at a Telecommunication company. I am working in Operation department where timings and working is very tough. For months, I tried to focus on my YouTube Channel and Writing to pursue my dream and goal but I always got stuck. I always complained that I have no time for it. But these are all artificial blockages and barriers that I have created intentionally. But one day, I decided that I have to pursue my goals and dreams and to pursue them, I have to unlock my limitless ability and capacity.

I decided that I have to write one article each day. In such a tough job schedule, it was difficult but once I decided that I have to do it and my limited mind started finding ways and locks of artificial limitations opens. Then I have found ways to do it. I was amazed that I have much time available but it was just my own limitations that hold me back. I am now writing one article per day and at the same time, I am learning much more and also progressing. Soon I will start publishing 3 videos a week on my YouTube channel. I am feeling Limitless. That’s great.

So in order to achieve your goals, to pursue your dreams, to become successful, first you have become limitless. You have to unlock your limitless capacity. You have to tell your subconscious mind that I am Limitless — I am Limitless.

Limits only exist in Mind. So feed your mind everyday that I am Limitless and I am going to do it at any cost.

“You are limitless in thought. Your mind is a treasure. You have infinite potential. Realize your gift. Realize that you yourself are the gift.” ― Akiroq Brost

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