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React Qlik Sense Mashups with motor js: Part 1

In this set of tutorials, we’re going to build a React Qlik Mashup with motor-js.

Step 1: Create a new React App (ensure you have npm version 5.2+ installed)

Step 2: Install @motor-js/core and connect to a Qlik engine

Step 3: Mashup Layout

Setting a color prop to ‘brand’ in the motor-js library will pick up the brand color from the base theme. Later in this article, I’ll demonstrate how to we can edit this. You can find more on motor-js theming here.

Step 4: Selections and Theming

That’s all for Part 1!

In the next post, we’ll be finishing our dashboard with Charts, more Layout objects and some styling with styled-components.




The React Framework for Qlik Sense Mashups

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The React Framework for Qlik Sense Mashups

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