Day 2 — Manali to Tandi

12th Aug 2012
We pack our stuff and are ready to go. We had parked our bikes inside the BRO complex, so we go there to get them.
As my buddy tries to kick start, a weird sound, and we realize the rocker arm in the cylinder head is broken again.
Yes this is what had happened yesterday.

I get Pappu, and he starts to open the cylinder head again. He keeps the screws on the arm loose so that they are not broken again !

He should not have done that and we payed the price for this in the middle of nowhere.
Around 10–10:30 am,we begin our journey towards Rohtang pass after getting a false promise from Pappu that nothing will happen now.
This road was beautiful, now I began to understand why I decided to do this.
The sound of the engine changed, I felt a backwards force. I guess it was not just the component of gravity but something else too, if you know what I mean. In fact the saddle bag was stretched towards the rear side due to the steep climb.
And then came toughest stretch of the road, so soon I wondered.Knee deep wet mud.

As we rode in it, there was a traffic jam, my brother’s bike started showing some problem. But we still went on. There were times when I got down to push his bike in that thick muddy slush.We were also nervous about damaging the clutch plate, as we were holding the clutch for too long. We decided to go in the first gear, leaving the clutch and I managed somehow but bhai fell ! He didn’t get hurt as muddy slush is quite soft.

I felt I am a better rider than him, I was proved wrong eventually.

After the frustrating ride we reached Rohtang pass.

We had whatever we got there-maggi, chai, challi.

It was foggy and beautiful.The tough ride was worth it.

We rode on towards Tandi. It started raining, so first rainy ride on our trip. We kept on going and realized we wont be able to reach Keylong, so we halted at Tandi transit camp ! I was shivering throughout the ride, after Rohtang. I felt dizzy because of a loss of oxygen(high altitude sickness, loss of breath). But I was positive that I will make it.

We got warm water here, it was awesome, luxury. We clicked some awesome pics this day.

There was a comfort in all the pain faced and also a ‘kick’ we got after our ride. I slept with a dream in my head that I will reach Leh soon.