Day 7 — Drass to Srinagar

18th Aug
We get up early morning at around 5:30 am and move towards Srinagar. The caretaker’s image revolved in my mind. He had very typical features, an old muslim man in a kurta pajama, like the wise old man in those moral giving books.
We ride towards the last stretch of Ladakh and hit Zozilla pass !
This place was serene, I could see a glacier nearby.
We clicked some pics here.
And then we got a surprise !
The toughest ride ever !
Steep road, loose stones, wet mud, high cliff, traffic !
This stretch was the toughest we ever rode !
‘Captain morh’, that’s a turn on which everyone should salute/bow his head to give respect! There was a Captain standing there who slipped and fell.
Those who don’t show respect, are in for trouble according to the locals and truck drivers.

These are some mountain superstitious beliefs, which should be followed I guess !
We were happy we survived this and reached Sonamarg !
Had our breakfast at a Punjabi dhaba, which was not Punjabi at all !
We were almost in the valley, the Kashmir valley. It was my second trip to Kashmir, bhai’s first.
We moved towards the Srinagar city, and the traffic attacked us from all sides as soon as we entered the city.
There were some over friendly people here. While we were riding in the city to reach Dal lake, some men on their bikes came parallel to us and asked us “Where are you from ?”etc.
We were kind to them but for a while !

We reached Dal lake !
We took a room at the J & K tourism resort.
Since we reached Srinagar early, we had the time for a shikara ride. We rested for some time in our room, and then went for a shikara ride .
It was beautiful. I don’t know how many times have I used this word beautiful on this trip !
We took a walk in the Dal gate market. Had dinner at a restaurant called ‘Steam’.
Went to CCD opposite the Dal lake for a sweet dish :p
We called it a day !

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