A Call For Appalachian Writers

Last November I worked on a project for Nanowrimo where I wrote a series of short stories that all took place in West Virginia. I was originally planning to turn them into a small novella. Recently, though, I have become far more interested in other stories written about West Virginia, especially fiction. ESPECIALLY fiction written by West Virginian’s so it is honest and realistic to the culture.

I have decided to start a publication. The small Mountain Songs team will read submitted pieces and publish those that mesh with our vision every Friday.

What are we looking for? We are looking for fiction, creative non-fiction, colorful memoirs, and poetry that takes place in the Appalachian region or was inspired by living in that region. These submissions 1000 words max. You may also submit 3 poems at once.

How can you submit? If we add in “Writers” you will be able to submit posts directly through Medium, but at this time we are asking for submissions through this form.

Happy writing!

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