wildflowers at Jenner

by Nicole Na

The amazing stewardship crew here at Sonoma Land Trust works incredibly hard to keep our open spaces and wildlands, well, open and wild. That often entails traversing unpaved roads to our properties, braving mud, mosquitoes, ticks, poison oak, heat and a legion of other unpleasantries to get their jobs done, and, if they’re not too exhausted by these excursions, taking a moment to just stop and take in the land.

As a communications person, my daily life doesn’t often involve these nature-based obstacles. Most of the time, you can find me slouched in front of the computer, wordsmithing and Facebook-statusing and blogging (or bragging?) about our stewardship team’s latest achievements. My work keeps those thoughts at the forefront of my mind, though, and when I do get those precious opportunities to explore the land, I remember all the hard work that keeps these places pristine and wild … and take an extra-long moment to take in that land.

​In April, during the height of the wildflower season, I took one such outing with a co-worker to the Jenner Headlands. The photos I took still bring back vivid memories of the crispness of the air, the sighing of the grass riffled by the breeze and the pride felt while walking an incredible property acquired in 2009 after five years of work.

Enjoy the following photos — and stay tuned to our outings page to take a wildflower hike next spring!

Nicole Na is SLT’s communications coordinator and Mountains + Molehills blogmaster.