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A helpful guide to ICON’s Bridge — bringing fiat and dApps together

ICON, a company working on a blockchain protocol for decentralized apps as well as an aggregator chain, has launched a new product known as “Bridge.”

MouseBelt is a node operator for ICON — learn more about what that means here!

“Bridge” was created as a means to solve a glaring issue within the cryptocurrency world: the sheer amount of learning each user needs to undertake in order to join crypto.

Without advanced cryptocurrency and blockchain knowledge — on top of the needed programming skill — messing around with decentralized applications (dApps) would become tricky quickly.

That being said, the market has a need for a bridge of sorts, where users that aren’t really crypto-savvy could jump into the world of dApps without really going through much trial and error or having to learn too much of how all of it works.

This is where Bridge comes into the picture. Check it out here now!

Check out the REIMAGINE V10.0 talk with the ICON Foundation’s own Ricky Dodds above!

Accessibility as a Priority

Bridge is one of the newest products kickstarted by the ICON incubator program.

It is intended to be an easy-to-use and non-custodial wallet built to be implemented in any of the ICON lines of products that require cryptocurrency transactions.

This means that any user will be able to use FIAT currencies such as the U.S. dollar directly from their bank account and cash it out in a similar way.

The user needs an email address and a bank account, and Bridge does all of the heavy liftings for the user.

The idea behind this Bridge is to have regular people use and interact with blockchain services, as many of the current ones cater to existing, knowledgeable cryptocurrency users.

That being said, Bridge is a sign-in option for people who are new to the world of cryptocurrency and blockchains. Bridge is a wallet for blockchain products where users only need to use an email address to start buying cryptocurrencies with USD.

Head here to check out the product! And don’t forget to check out more about this on the ICONist!

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