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COINS Podcast Guest Highlight: Dave Jevans from CipherTrace

Dave Jevans is the founder and CEO of CipherTrace with over 20 years of experience in the security and payments market. He is also the holder of 17 U.S. patents within the cybersecurity sector and has even founded and sold three cybersecurity startup companies.

Often found advocating for cryptocurrency and blockchain, Dave has spoken at the International Monetary Fund and other high-profile place. Recently, Dave announced his company had been acquired by MasterCard.

While speaking on a wide range of topics during the COINS podcast, Dave gave his insight on managing regulatory hurdles and where he sees the space moving as it matures and enters more common spaces like credit card transactions and daily use.

“DeFi, for sure, has a long way to go in that it’s an amazing experiment — there’s a lot of cool products out there,” Dave said in Episode 7 of COINS. “It’s amazing. That said — there are a lot of problems with it as well. So that has to grow up, but I think defi will become a huge product for people. I’m hearing from banks that want to offer their retail banking customers!”

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Dave founded CipherTrace in 2017 as a company that provides online services and software that enables the virtual asset and cryptocurrency economies to offer anti-money laundering software for banks, cryptocurrency exchanges, funds, law enforcement and governments.

On June 30, as part of its ongoing commitment to compliance, Binance deployed CipherTrace Traveler, which is the first commercial product created to aid Virtual Asset Service Providers in complying with global travel rule regulations.

In addition, during his talks on COINS, Dave explained how his company will — taking a loss — help people scammed out of their money get connected with someone who may help them reclaim their lost funds.

“We really think that providing that community service where we’re helping bring investigators into the fold, connecting them with victims, enabling that whole thing so that people can get some help — it’s important for us,” he said during Episode 5 of COINS.

Jevans has been in cybersecurity since 1994

Since 2003 he is the Chairman at the Anti-Phishing Working Group. The APWG manages a Research Program to promote research on electronic crime of all types.

From 2015 to 2017, he was the vice president of the mobile security products division at Proofpoint, after the company was acquired by Marble Security in 2015. Here, he expanded the Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) product suite. He also recruited and led researchers, programmers as well as security operations engineers with the intention of protecting enterprises from mobile threats from applications, malware and SMS phishing.

Prior to this, he was the CEO, Chairman and Founder of Marble Security, which was acquired by Proofpoint (PFPT) in 2015. This was a mobile threat and intelligence application for iPhone, iPad and Android.

From 2005 to 2011, he was the CEO, Chairman and Founder of IronKey, which was acquired by iMation (IMN) in 2012. Here, the company sold over $100 million of secure mobile storage and authentication devices with cloud security services.

Regarding his education, he received a Master of Computer Science degree in Massively Parallel Computing from the University of Calgary.



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