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MouseBelt has launched a Discord for all things crypto and blockchain

MouseBelt, an Ecosystem building the future of blockchain innovation through Engineering, Media, and Education, invites you all to get a little more social! The world’s first all service blockchain accelerator in the world has launched a Discord server offering a host of features for the community. From devs to students, business owners to retail traders, the MouseBelt Discord is set to be the only blockchain hub you’ll ever need.

If you’re unfamiliar with the app and wondering “what is Discord?," well, it’s a free voice, video and text chat app that’s used by tens of millions of people to hang out with their communities and talk about their interests.

We’ve created the MouseBelt Discord to be a place for the cryptocurrency and blockchain community to discuss and talk about all things DeFi, CeFi — TradFi, too.

Unsure about blockchain but hoping for a safe place to ask questions and learn more about the technology? This community is for you! Anyone who wants to learn more about blockchain can vastly increase their knowledge just by browsing some of the materials and informed users ready to help on the server!

Even if you’re intermediate — the resources and networking opportunities on the server are helpful for everyone, no matter their blockchain and cryptocurrency knowledge.

Our server is also set up as a space for engineers and developers in blockchain: there are open source developer tools and room for engineering question and suggestions.

The Discord also has space for university students — even a study hall! Connect with other student blockchain club leaders, many of whom are from our MouseBelt University network of 100+ schools! There are also voice channels for discussions and a space for streaming as well.

REIMAGINE, the #1 virtual blockchain and cryptocurrency conference put on by MouseBelt, will also be streamed in the server as a space for people to watch and discuss the very latest from all the top names in the DeFi sphere.



Improving the blockchain industry through media, educational programs, engineering services, and our full-service blockchain accelerator program.

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