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MouseBelt moves farther into media operations in 2021

As MouseBelt maneuvers into 2022, the company takes a look back at the great things started in 2021. Media became a larger focus for the startup that puts on the largest virtual cryptocurrency and blockchain conference since early 2020! Below, take a quick look at some of our favorite accomplishments from the past year:

REIMAGINE Virtual Conference

REIMAGINE V6–11 were held during 2021, featuring 100s of guests and hours of important education content delivered entirely for free to anyone who wants to watch. The virtual conference and networking event is designed to connect blockchain talent to infrastructure and industry. The goal is to welcome enthusiasts far and near to share their experiences and education. The team hopes these stories can serve as both entertainment and advice for the students and professionals alike tuning in.

The first conference of the year, held on January 30 was called “v6.0 : BUIDL Crypto REsolutions” and focused on our guest speakers’ goals in the new year of 2021, the recent trends they were most excited about and their predictions about where blockchain and crypto is headed.

New speakers included celebrity venture capitalist Tim Draper, Anthony Pompliano, Arthur Breitman (founder of Tezos), Pamela Clegg (CipherTrace), and more. Student blockchain organizations from MouseBelt University — an educational platform for students from 100+ schools in 24 countries, also participated.

Read more about the conference! Watch the conference and check out your favorite speaker on YouTube!

v7.0 of REIMAGINE was called a “History of Coins”, held on March 7, and sought to educate newbies and veterans alike on important moments in cryptocurrencies history. Interviews with top technologists, business executives, students and educators alike focused on topics such as the cypherpunk movement, the birth of Bitcoin and Ethereum, major hacks and scandals, government and institutional buy-in and more.

Read more about the conference! Watch the conference and check out your favorite speaker on YouTube!

On May 9, v8.0: “State of the Artchain” focused on topics such as the mid-year NFT boom, the latest celebrity and artist adoption, and the future of blockchain art, gaming, and music.

“Art has always been at the forefront of social movements and emerging technology. We’re excited to celebrate the new value artists, collectors and fans are bringing to the crypto industry,” said Ashlie Meredith, Program Director at MouseBelt.

Read more about the conference! Watch the conference and check out your favorite speaker on YouTube!

v9.0: “Game of Chains” was held on June 20 and featured industry leaders and students alike trying to answer the question: who will be the next big crypto? Prior to the beginning of “Game of Chains,” some of the largest cryptocurrencies in the market came under fire for many issues from users and media.

New speakers at this event included leaders at the forefront of the coming “third wave” of cryptocurrencies such as CEO of Solana Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder of Tezos Arthur Breitman, co-founder of Nervos Kevin Wang, CEO of Ampleforth Evan Kuo, and more! Returning guests included powerhouses such as Mark Yusko of Morgan Creek Capital, Bruce Fenton of Chainstone Labs.

Read more about this conference! Watch the conference and check out your favorite speaker on YouTube!

On August 15, MouseBelt held a Special Edition of the REIMAGINE conference, marking the 10th edition of the virtual event! MouseBelt featured speakers from the earlier conferences in 2020 and asked them about not only their latest work in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, but also about their thoughts on the last year of change and what they may look forward to.

Read more about this conference! Watch the conference and check out your favorite speaker on YouTube!

Our most recent REIMAGINE conference, v11, held in mid-November, completely changed the conference from what it had been when it was started in early 2020. Instead of interviewing all of our guests and expert speakers over ZOOM, MouseBelt decided this time to try and interview all speakers in person when possible. While the first in-person interview conference had about a 50/50 split between in-person and ZOOM interviews, MouseBelt also changed the way the conference was structured.

Across 4 days, viewers could spend anywhere from all day to just a few hours with our speakers, as they covered the three biggest topics in the world at the time: NFTs, DAOs and the recent adoption of Bitcoin as an official currency of the Central American country of El Salvador — the first country in the world to do so with BTC.

Check out the various days of content here: NFTs — DAOs (Coming Soon!) — El Salvador (Coming Soon!) — Global Interview Day.

REIMAGINE isn’t going anywhere — look for the next version of the virtual conference in early 2022!

Historic COINs podcast released

Coins is the first Hollywood-grade crypto series of its kind and was launched on August 19 with 11 episodes each around 45 minutes long. The 11-part series tells the story of the tidal wave caused by crypto and blockchain, the ways it has upended the global financial system and beyond. From the pioneers of the cypherpunk movement, to the multi-trillion dollar industry that has since grown from it, this series shows it all: the scams, the drugs, the hacks, the billionaires and the bankrupt. The untold story of cryptocurrency is here told by those who are living it.

The core of the series was filmed at the Old San Francisco Mint in secret, a location that seems more than appropriate for showing the change from the old guard to the new that’s happening in the financial world today. The whole production was shot during the height of the COVID crisis, with some of the biggest names in the cryptocurrency industry flying out to participate. The 34-person crew filmed in six countries with the 23 guests that made crypto what it is today.

Some of the guest speakers featured include Erik Voorhees of ShapeShift, Alex Mashinsky of Celsius Network, and Dave Jevans of CipherTrace!

Watch the series now! Read more about it here!

MouseBelt’s Blockchain Education Alliance adds new members in 2021

On May 4, MouseBelt announced that it added six more members to its growing Blockchain Education Alliance (BEA). Launched in 2019, the BEA is part of MouseBelt’s global University Program and is an effort to rally industry leaders around education and research related to blockchain.

The latest round of additions to the previous members include PG&E, Crypto Valley Association, OKCoin, ShapeShift, CoinGecko and Band Protocol. Founding members of the alliance include Mastercard, the Stellar Development Foundation, Hedera Hashgraph, Binance X, Ripple’s Xpring and ICON, with 25 other blockchain companies.

Members meet regularly with the MouseBelt team and their community of students from 100+ schools in 24 countries to develop educational and funding opportunities such as virtual workshops, hackathons, and development grants. By welcoming manufacturers, banks, and distribution centers, MouseBelt aims to accelerate the growing maturity of the blockchain industry. By bringing the internal resources, in-depth technical expertise and knowledge from these corporate innovation teams, students gain valuable skills to contribute to the ecosystem.

MouseBelt University Program continues to develop, grow and help students worldwide

The MouseBelt University Program continued to support schools throughout the year with educational events and kickstarter kits. Highlights of 2021 include an educational event in Tanzania with over 75 students, and the creation of a blockchain education initiative with five universities in Thailand.

In Spring 2021, announced an initiative with five universities in Thailand, Chiang Mai University, Thammasat, AIT, KMUTT, and KMITL, to support blockchain-focused education, research, and entrepreneurship. The program is spearheaded by MouseBelt’s Blockchain Accelerator and University Program, which seek to advance blockchain technology through strategic academic partnerships.

Through this initiative, MouseBelt is providing an initial donation divided between the three universities’ engineering schools.

“As a blockchain industry leader, MouseBelt is excited to collaborate with world-class universities like CMU, Thammasat, AIT, KMITL, and KMUTT,” said Ashlie Meredith, Program Director at MouseBelt. “We aim to help these universities become a driving force for innovation in the blockchain space, as well as provide students and researchers with the opportunity for both theoretical and industry experience.”

In addition to our international events, MouseBelt continued to support schools in the U.S., adding Georgia State, Portland State, Minnesota, Virginia Tech, Bowie State and Berkeley to the list of schools in the alliance.

MouseBelt held well over a dozen events with our network of universities, including:

  • Thailand Uni Initiative x ShapeShift on February 23
  • Thailand Uni Initiative x Stellar & Neo on February 25
  • Thailand Uni Initiative x IoTeX on March 11
  • Thailand Uni Initiative x Bank of Thailand on April 5
  • SJSU x Balanced Network on April 20
  • IU x SIMBA Chain on April 22
  • DIT Institute x Harmony on April 23
  • Portland State x Nervos Network on April 30
  • Thailand Uni Initiative x UMA on May 4
  • Thailand Uni Initiative x Bitcast on August 20
  • Minnesota x ICON on October 28
  • Virginia Tech x Hedera on November 15
  • Minnesota x Harmony on December 9

Mousebelt continues proud work as ICON P-Rep

For a more in-depth and comprehensive review, check out this blog post

MouseBelt plays an active role in the ICON community as a P-Rep leveraging the Mousebelt ecosystem and resources. Here are some of the highlights:

MouseBelt played an important role as an early contributor in the development of the Balanced Network, which launched in April 2021. As part of the core team, MouseBelt helped build this project from the ground up, contributing to the architecture specification around the design of the Dapp, along with its technical implementation which included writing some of the code base for the DEX.

As a P-Rep, Mousebelt used their own node earnings to reinvest back into the REIMAGINE conference, not only highlighting ICON and its community but designating ICON an official sponsor of the conference.

With this in mind, the team invited several members of ICON to educate students around the ideas and potential blockchain can bring across industries and sectors. Core members of the ICON team included Scott Smiley and Daeki Lee, who spoke to the students about DeFI, Balanced Network, OMM and ICON.

MouseBelt helps put on ETH Denver event

The world’s largest software building competition for Web3 and innovation festival — ETHDenver’s #BUIDLathon — was held in February in part with help from the MouseBelt team! The virtual event hosted more than 5,000 blockchain enthusiasts, devs and community members from over 75 countries and every U.S. state.

The fourth year of ETHDenver also included ColoradoJam, a collaboration with the state government that involved bounties, prizes and investments. Total monetary investments were estimated to be over $250,000.

In addition to the BUIDLathon, there were tons of other events, including hours of free workshops, art exhibits, community networking, games, NFT scavenger hunts and immersive virtual experiences.

MouseBelt continues to advise various startups

As a blockchain accelerator, MouseBelt has advised several startups in the cryptocurrency space over the course of the last year and wanted to highlight some of our favorite moments!

Stardust is a blockchain gaming company that raised $5 million in September to allow players of their games to use U.S. dollars to buy NFTs. MouseBelt helped advise the company in its infancy and is ecstatic to see them have a successful 2021!

Webblen is a startup that recently received funding from Algorand and has partnered with the company as well. Webblen is so much more than a decentralized social media company — it’s about positive community engagement worldwide!

Afya Rekod, a blockchain company based in Nairobi, Kenya, wants to give the world control of its health information again. Born out of a tragedy, the company has seen great success helping local organizations track COVID and hopes to be able to store health records on a blockchain.

In addition to helping out with specific companies, MouseBelt also helped with the Stellar Development Fund, partnering with Stellar to advise the fund. In addition, MouseBelt also advised the Hedera Boost Program and MouseBelt CTO Galen Danziger helped to judge the Nervos Hackathon earlier in the year.

Coordinating with other cryptocurrency and blockchain conferences

Ashlie Meredith, MouseBelt’s Program Director, spoke at a blockchain event aimed at getting underrepresented groups involved in blockchain and cryptocurrency tech. “Crypto for the Culture” was billed as the first crypto diversity conference free for anyone.

MouseBelt launched NFT media project “Meta Ape Studios”

Around the time that MouseBelt launched v11, the team realized a perfect host was needed. Thankfully, Mutant Ape #452 stepped in to fill the roll in the middle of November.

Meta Ape Studios matched Mutant Ape #452 from the Bored Ape Yacht club NFT collection — to an animated licensing deal at Mousebelt. The creative team worked to create animations and character development through voice-overs.

The kick-off showed great organic support from the Bored Ape Yacht Club community, with over 5,000+ video views and 200+ likes.

Using that as a jumping off point, MouseBelt launched a meta-verse first creative agency prepping NFT characters from the Bored Ape Yacht Club for commercial viability: Meta Ape Studios.

The studio does it all: animations, character development, and licensing for owners. The company is by apes for apes.

Besides producing all manner of NFTs, Meta Ape Studios is a media empire, working to carve out a large chunk of the Metaverse for the Apes. Mutant Ape #452’s passion for NFTs is contagious and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2022.

Meta Ape Studios is expanding its subsidiaries: Meta Ape Music, Meta Ape Movies and Meta Ape TV! Having worked with such incredible brands in the past made it seem like such an obvious fit for our prestigious conference.

To end the year Meta Ape Studios launched a fan project recreating the in real life meeting between Post Malone and Jimmy Fallon, as a animated video with their own respective Ape’s from the Bored Ape Yacht Club.



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