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REIMAGINE 2020 V.3 Answers the Question on Everyone’s Mind: “WTFi is DEFI?”

The latest REIMAGINE 2020 virtual conference series will feature interviews with industry leaders from eToro, UMA, Chainlink, REN, and more to explore the world of DeFi — the most recent trend and arguably a kickstarter to the long-awaited bull-market in cryptocurrency.

MouseBelt is excited to announce that we will be releasing version 3.0 of our virtual conference series REIMAGINE 2020 on September 25th. The event will answer a question often raised in response to the recent events in crypto markets: “WTFi is DeFi?” Interviews with top technologists, business executives, students and educators alike will focus on the fast-growing innovations taking place in decentralized finance. In keeping with the theme of our REIMAGINE 2020 virtual conference series, “WTFi is DeFi” will investigate the failures of traditional financial systems highlighted during the recent global pandemic and market crashes and whether DeFi systems can make the functions of banks and other financial institutions less expensive, more efficient, and most importantly, more fair.

The previous two events in the REIMAGINE 2020 series registered over 25,000 people for 72 hours each of live-streamed interviews, panels, comedy sketches, and workshops. Our events have been wildly popular with more than half a million minutes watched by viewers across 4 continents. Our newest mini-series will feature 24 hours of content produced with the support of the Blockchain Education Alliance partners, as well as many never-before featured interviewees. Student blockchain organizations from MouseBelt University — an educational platform for students from 100+ schools in 24 countries, will also participate. Students will join panels discussing how to develop courses in DeFi to educate their communities and submit questions to the DeFi industry leaders being interviewed during REIMAGINE 2020 V.3.

Confirmed speakers include Clayton Roche from UMA, Evan Kuo from Ampleforth, Kain Warwick from Synthetix, Ana Andrianova from Akropolis, Yoni Assia of eToro, Nate Hindman from Bancor, Jack O’Holleran from SKALE Labs, Ciara Sun from Huobi, Brian Kerr from Kava Labs, Nimrod Lehavi from Simplex, Daniel Hwang from Terraform Labs, Loong Wang from REN, Gregory Keough of DMM Foundation, Kim Grauer from Chainanlysis, and Patrick Collins from Chainlink Labs.

This virtual conference and networking event is designed to connect blockchain talent to infrastructure and industry. The goal is to add some much needed education to the hype behind DeFi among students and professionals alike. The event will highlight the potential for DeFi to promote accessibility and financial inclusion and attempt to create a safe trading environment through educating on what these technologies are actually capable of. By bringing together the leaders of this new financial revolution to tell their story, attendees will better understand the problems it can solve in their lives.

“Ultimately we want to empower people by showing them how to be participants in a system, instead of being governed by one” — Roshan Mirajkar, University Program Assistant Director at MouseBelt and Social Media manager for REIMAGINE 2020.

The REIMAGINE 2020 conference series is the newest initiative of the Blockchain Education Alliance — a network of industry leaders committed to supporting blockchain education, research, and entrepreneurship at universities and beyond.

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