Introducing MOVA, a Global Supply Chain Solution

A letter from MOVA CEO Lachlan McDonald announcing key functionalities of MOVA GPS and upcoming whitepaper.

Supply chains connect us. They are the engine of the global economy, powering the ecosystem that delivers everything from our food to our cell phones. But as our connections grow in complexity, our logistics systems remain outdated, rarely telling us what we need to know to make the best decisions. Businesses around the world face pressure to deliver on time and in full, but don’t have the tools to track deliveries or execute contracts and payment efficiently.

Unresolved complexity drives late, lost, or inefficient deliveries that result in hundreds of billions of dollars of lost revenue. This, coupled with a sharp increase in consumer interest about corporate social responsibility and transparency, means that the global supply chain industry is primed for an evolution.

The solution is MOVA — The Movement Ecosystem.

The distributed ledgers, immutable records, and decentralised access offered by blockchain renders the technology an ideal catalyst for evolution of global supply chain models. MOVA leverages the Ethereum blockchain to link producers and shipping providers with automated Smart Contracts, track goods real-time with MOVA GPS, and exact instant payments with built in incentivisation mechanisms.

Our vision is to make every truck on the road more efficient, increasing competition and decreasing carbon footprint. A half-filled truck is not good for the customer, the vendor, or the environment. The Movement Ecosystem will provide the global platform to fill that truck by linking producers, movers, retailers and consumers to access and auction cost effective logistics capacity and real world performance data to drive businesses forward.

Our growth strategy is simple. The MOVA Platform is free to access, and generates real world savings for our customers. MOVA charges a fee for each transaction that is a fraction of the measurable cash benefit our customers receive.

MOVA was founded by leaders in the Australian minerals and mining industry, with backgrounds at firms including BHP Billiton, McKinsey, and Boston Consulting. The MOVA team maintains a keen understanding of the pain points of global supply chains — and what can be done to fix them.

By using smart contracts to automate supply chain transactions, and an iOS-and-Android compatible dApp to monitor and manage supply chain logistics, MOVA can facilitate the minimisation of late deliveries and loss of productivity with accurate data, clear communication channels, and a flexible interface that functions across industries.

Join the Movement Ecosystem and help us build the supply chain of tomorrow.

— Lachlan McDonald, CEO