Move Me Poetry
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Move Me Poetry

Across the Universe

And into our heart

photo by Matheus Frade on Unsplash

as all the passing moments drift
like a river made of dreams,
they’re always blending
into our becoming
while the boundless
conscious space inside us
helps us know
what words can never really say.

Its conscious silence
is the language of our human heart,
the hidden poetry of the stars
written like music
across our spacious inner sky.

And though there’s nothing to hang on to
in all the fleeting beauty
of the everyday,
while we still have breath
and can feel the wind in our face,
there’s always a space and light inside us,
something formless, enduring,
a conscious silence
words can’t describe
as moments pass and are gone forever,
like footprints washed away
by streaming tides.

And when we let this inner silence
weave into our heart,
all of life becomes a journey filled with meaning,
while the moments slide through us
like the fleeting shadows in a dream.

And there are those moments
filled with clarity and inspiration,
evolving the inner lens
of our awareness,
when something in the Universe
is dancing
in the endless sky of our heart.



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