All Cherry Blossoms are Perfect

An epiphany inspired by an imperfect movie

Jenine "Jeni" Baines
Move Me Poetry
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2 min readMar 18
Photo by Veronica Benavides on Unsplash

I don’t want to wait
until I die
to realize all cherry blossoms
are perfect
Whether withered,
blighted, nipped in the bud,
wind-frayed, faded,
unfurled as enigmatically
as tonight’s foggy sky,
as unexpectedly as a sneeze,
yellow watermelon, or green flash
at sunset



Jenine "Jeni" Baines
Move Me Poetry

Little old lady from Pasadena. Granny going, going, going...fueled by the Light within Beauty. Head over heels in love with words. and words.