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Move Me Poetry

And Always

The gentle conscious silence

photo by Jacob Townsend on Unsplash

While we have breath
and we can see the sky and stars,
there’s always a space and light inside us
like the light that love is made of.

A spacious consciousness
as large as the Universe
is knowing what it is to be human
in all the fleeting moments of our life,
a conscious space
woven everywhere between the stars
bringing us moments of experience,
while a river of memories
blends into eternity.

And though we may often doubt
the truth of this,
and turn our face away
from really knowing
what’s beneath the surface of our life,
something silent
that shows itself
as the love in our eyes
and the beauty of flowers,
reminds us of the universal,
and its gentle conscious silence
is always in our heart.

Paul Mulliner 2022

I’m a writer and digital artist/animator based in London.

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Paul Mulliner

Paul Mulliner

Artist, animation designer and writer. Writing about inspiration, intuition, consciousness, dreams ….