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Move Me Poetry

And Our Eyes

Have one language

photo by Justin Groep on Unsplash

This human form of ours
is here just once,
though the silence
that whispers in our heart
lives forever,
its unwritten language
somehow touching all our lives,
its conscious sky
knowing every glance and smile
and every fleeting moment we’re alive
like waves appearing in an endless ocean.

We’re woven through each other
and all the space between the stars,
and something deep inside us,
something in the silence,
helps us see more clearly
as though we have new eyes,
as though we know
what those in love will always know
and cannot say,
the inexpressible in all of us
is writing the unwritten
into every heart and every moment,
the language of our eyes
is known by every eye.

And though all the passing moments
are gone forever like whispers lost in wind
the inward song of silence and eternity
is life’s expression of itself,
the Universe in all of us
that sees our world
and brings its language
to our eyes.



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Paul Mulliner

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