Move Me Poetry
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Move Me Poetry


Painting by author.

Dwells within my soul


She calls me forth


Blood drips from my lips
I crave the hunt
The venture
The vigor
The fight

My sword sharpened
Arrows fine

I smell of
Whiskey and dirt

My golden flesh riddled with
Battle scars
And tattoos

My knotted mane of fiery red
Cascades down my shoulders

My face streaked with patterns-
Black battle paint

My eyes of Seven Seas deep
Have seen many things
fathomless and vast

My jewelry and weaponry clanks
With every step I take

And not a soul
Doesn’t feel my presence
when I enter a room

I live in the hills
Beside the wolves

I celebrate in dance
Under the Full Moon

I speak many tongues
And write many rhymes

I have embarked on journeys
To faraway lands

And to distant realms where only spirits tread…

I know the stars well
And read the night sky like a map
-They have led me home
Many a time on my journeys afar

I have battled darkness
I have battled light
I have defeated gods
And attained knowledge
Beyond any mortal mind’s eye

I have overcome myself
And learned from the Ancients;
Their wisdom I have written as scrolls
Kept in a library within my soul

I have healed the broken
Cured the sick
Illuminated light into the dark
And been a guide for those who were lost
Through the night

I have inspired
rekindling flames within souls of gold
And shared a drink or two
laughing by firelight

I have wondered at the many mysteries of love
and wandered deep into her caves
of spellbound secrets
And I began to understand
the questions my heart implored…

I have befriended creatures big and small

I know the demons, angels
gypsies, warriors, saints
gods, wizards and witches well

And I am in love with the stories they have to tell.



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Sophia Shearman

Sophia Shearman

I am deeply INSPIRED to create magic through empowering, healing, and moving those who read.