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A cigarette burned down to ash just above the last little bit of paper before the butt of the stick. The column is of ash with some flakes at the bottom.
Photo by Mathew MacQuarrie on Unsplash

I was more alive
Than today.
I’m more alive
Than tomorrow.

Because —
Each day we live
We age,
We get older;
A step ever closer
To Death.

So yesterday
I was more alive,
And today
I am deader
Than the day before;
But still
More alive than

Each day is a step closer to our eventual expiration date. A moment in time that we can not predict; though, many wish to know. However, it can not be known to any of us until the time is up. For some, the journey was long and fair while for others it was short and punishing.

Knowing this truth can be both sobering and depressive, at the same time. But, the real point to take away from this knowledge is that we can not change what has occurred but we can change what is in our present. So, while we march onto our own personal finish line, make the best before you get there since it is approaching; some slowly while for others much quicker.

As the old saying goes: Each day is a blessing; make the best of it.

— Source —

MacQuarrie, M. C. (2018, May 23). single cigarette stick with ashes [Photograph]. Unsplash.



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