I Ache To Have Wings

…my colours faded

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1 min readFeb 17


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Dying in the dark
my colours faded
I ache to have wings
so that I can fly
high into the sky
far from the things
that trouble me

where I could be
endlessly circling
in splendid solitude
far from the caverns
of darkness
far from the howls
and the scent
of the blood
of the beast

where the soft sun
in the light of the day
will bless me
with the warmth
of her kisses
and the melancholy
in the velvet night
will drench me
in her violet tears

in the seasons
of branches
and the seasons
of blooms
I would swim
above it all
in the chambers
of heaven
where the light
is always rising
and always setting
but is never
not ever

where the songs
of darkness
are soft
and beautiful
and nature’s veils
sheer and floating
shift weightless
where the wind
paints the heavens
with its gentle
in service
to sky and sea

where, as I watch
in endless wonder
the clouds
the stars
and my heart
all fathomless
are still drifting
in a portrait
of darkness
now framed
in a strange
soft light

© Ann Bagnall



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