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Move Me Poetry

In the Wild Land

Of our heart

photo by William Randles on Unsplash

Imagine all ugliness of thought
changed, dissolved, grown beautiful
in touch with wisdom in our heart,
and endless stars in the void of space inside us
bringing silence
to the chatter of the everyday
and depth to all the shallow thinking
in our life.

Imagine we can know
what’s always underneath
the moments of our life
as they pass into eternity
and nothingness,
the conscious silence in our heart
known like love is known,
known like we know beauty,
like we know an ocean wave
transient in the breeze,
wild like the sky
on a windy day.

And imagine it’s all so easy,
and all we have to do is take a breath
and find the silence
inside us
always waiting,
in the wild land of our heart.

Paul Mulliner 2022

I’m a writer and digital artist/animator based in London.

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