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Move Me Poetry

Memories O’Leary▪︎


Photo by Jack Cohen on Unsplash

In my little hometown,
I love how there’s no pretense
to the simple things of life
like a fondness of the niceties
that connects her people.

At dawn,
when the eyelids still lay closed
and speaking to a soul
is in the far reaches of the mind,
sometimes unreliant
bird calls alarm you
like an insistent singing voice
to the wonder
we all should witness—

trading stars for colours,
its beauty is uncompared
upon the waking sky
and you wish your sleep-laden eyes
would unfurl long enough
to behold the memorable sight.

The rays travel a great distance,
drying leaves wrapped in dew kisses

its feel on your face, a gentle caress
that soaks into every pore
before a certain time.

Lush and green
with seasons change
that keep their form
in every age,

the trees here are versed—

randomly skinning the air free of toxins,
leaving it clear
so you sense each rich element
filling your lungs deeply
when you breathe.

The clatter
of loose rooftop sheets
unstrung by winds
is a clarion call
for all sons and daughters
to squeal for joy
while they wait for what follows.

Sunsets are a sad event
for the sun slowly dies
beyond the horizon.
The clouds witness the great loss
and their mournful screams
thunder across the blue —

shortly marking their grief
with vertical streams
that translate into pelts on rooftops,
making the little ones resume
intimate duties with mud,
where they dance freely in the tears
of clouds crackling
with barely restrained storms.

Moonlight assembles the people
for riveting tales around fires
where some relive the past
with the image of every tale
in the flicker between flames,
while others heed the past
by watching emotions play
across hooded faces.

Home to me, is wherever my heart lies
it alone, not built by the people
but the view—
the serenity it breeds
just below the surface,
salving every thump
of any mental ache
that rears its ugly head.
Though I have many homes,
this, I miss dearly.

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