Move Me Poetry
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Move Me Poetry

My Divine

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*contains sexual language*

I miss you

I ask the stars about you sometimes

When I’m lonely in the night

I remember the way you looked at me

As I took my clothes off

With love

Burning desire

Hunger in your eyes

And the way you devoured my body

In fiery passion

And moved my soul to bliss

Sweat dripped from my hot body

Begging for you between gasps of

I love you

And shivering between my thighs…

And the way you would squeeze my hips and grasp my hair

And say beautiful things in my ear…

I miss the way you would kiss me

Our tongues tasting each other in sweet desire

Drool dripping from my lips in ecstasy

And soft moans escaping my mouth into yours

Oh how you held me tight

All night long

In your arms

Close to your warm body

Listening to your heartbeat in your chest

I remember all the promises I made

Deep in the night

Feeling the Divine move

between two shores that separated us

My love

I miss you

It comes in waves

And tonight I’m drowning in an ocean of despair…



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Sophia Shearman

Sophia Shearman

I am deeply INSPIRED to create magic through empowering, healing, and moving those who read.