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Sex is Great

A poem by Moony Thinker

Two wooden figure models used for drawing and painting are wrapped between each other’s arms, face to face, in a sensual embrace.
Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

My daddy said:
I can’t do this;
With you or
With anyone
Like you.

But it feels so…
So natural!
These feelings and thoughts
Boil my blood and
Make my skin itch
For your touch.

I yearn for you,
For this, for us connected
Together as our real
Truest selves.
Upon one another, we will:
Grab, pull, bite, and finger
Our holes
Soon to be explored.

Together, sharing upon
One another’s fruits,
We will survive and rage
Against an opinion
That can not reason
What we have
Is natural; it is

He said:
We can’t do this;
But, we are doing this.
We are because
This is truth, this is natural.

His beliefs
Are the mistake;
Not me, not us.
He is hate;
We are love.

Recently, I read an article by The Washington Post discussing the present case of book banning merry-go-round in the United States. The reasoning for banning most of the books regularly centered around people assuming discomforts in the youths in relation to topics in sexuality.

As such, I decided that a poem with equal worthiness to be banned should be created. Thus, Sex is Great was born.

If in the future this poem becomes banned by some overly zealot power manager, I would be honored to be placed into such a pile of worthy artists.

Be well, my friends.

— MT

Hey my friends!

I am starting another art project. This one is focusing on artists of all kinds where I interview them. I plan to make a series of these interviews and to call them collectively Dreaming While Awake. The point of these interviews is to better understand the artist’s focus, discipline methods, hopes, dreams, projects, and what they are moving towards.

For those interested, please reach out to me through one of my various connections shared in my LinkTree down below!


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