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Tis Strange to See

a pondering in L’Aquila, Italy

Image by Author+DALL.E

‘Tis a strange thing to
see a woman
eating alone
in a cafe
or restaurant
in Italy.

assume she is
a stranger,
a foreigner,
an American.

She is a curious sight
sitting there alone in
a corner table on
Via del Corso.

To her, she is invisible
to the outside world.

It’s just her
a sketch pad,
a journal,
a book.

to fill the empty
chair next to her.

she looks up
scans the piazza,
takes notes
of the Italiani
around her
vibrating in a
vowel based
over a

She catches the
eye of a ragazza
eating a chocolate gelato.

An endearing smile
twinkles across her face—
before submerging
into the tranquility
of the silent peace
she carries within her.



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