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In the stillness

photo by Martino Pietropoli on Unsplash

“at the still point, there the dance is” — T S Eliot

A universal conscious space
knows every birth and death,
and all the moments of our life
like transient reflections
in a mirror with no end
and no beginning,
that weaves somehow
all experience
into everything that is
and all that comes to pass.

A space we call our Universe,
like a mind that touches all the stars,
a conscious sky
living life in every world,
is always knowing with us
the sadness and the beauty
of the fleeting moments
as consciousness becomes
the here and now
and joins us to each other.

And though life happens only now,
while now happens
and something of the silence,
the almost unknowable unseen
inside all life
brings light into our eyes,
every transient moment
echoes through
a conscious Universe
that will always know
what it was to be human
in the life we lived.

Paul Mulliner 2022

I’m a writer and digital artist/animator based in London.

Discover some of my recent poetry on Medium here:



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