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Your Eyes

Teach Me Tuesday Meets The Trinet (TMT Teaching for 1/3/23)

Image By Philip Steury from Pexels, licensed in Canva Pro, edited to contain poetry by Author

Your Eyes

Inbound assertations
Remembered losses
I see the truth in your eyes
Sought-after prizes mean nothing anymore
Only you
Your eyes
Seeing me


In this week’s Teach Me Tuesday, led by Liz Kyfer we learned about the Trinet. This was a form created by an online user, “Zion,” recently, and we’re trying it out this week!!! Here are the rules:

  • 7 lines
  • Lines 3 and 4 have 6 words
  • All other lines have 2
  • Any rhyme, rhythm, or meter
  • Centering optional

Here’s Liz’s take on it:

For the poem “Your Eyes,” I wanted to convey the overwhelming power of connection — love in action, and that when that connection is made, it overshadows everything else with its light. The paradigm shifts, and what matters becomes all important. For me, it is being seen, understood, and accepted. Ultimately it is with my own reflections that I must reconcile — the road to self-acceptance…

Note: You may notice that the name “Calliope” is on the poem. This was a collab I did with one of my headmates, who is also a poet, so you will see more writes from her in the future. Two poets for the price of one!!!

If you decide to write your own Rondelet piece, be sure to tweet it out to #TeachMeTuesday and #MoveMePoetry.

See you next time!!!

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