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First-Of-Its-Kind Whisky Investment — The Rebirth — Launching as NFTs

MOVE Network is pleasured to present the whole new redeemable NFT Project with Ceilidhs and COR WORLD — The Rebirth NFT.

The Rebirth NFT is an exclusive Whisky redeemable NFT collection of 4000 baby prototype NFTs, hiding as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, waiting to be born on The Reveal Day.

In the year 3049, 8 influential cults announced their experiments to replicate “The Rebirth” — the eight spirited baby entities that have descended into Earth and vanished after 24 hours have been successful. With The Spirits, a synthetic compound developed to recreate “The Rebirth”, they were able to create 8 element collections of 500 baby prototypes, making up a total of 4000 baby prototypes. In the 8 Spirit collections: Aeris (Air), Fulmen (Lightning), Ignis (fire), Kaos (Chaos), Lux (Ascend), Repetito (Mystic), Stella (Space), Wæter (water), there will be only 8 Pure Spirits, making them the rarest prototypes and 3992 Mixed Spirits prototypes! Each Baby Prototypes are unique, designed and engineered with 4000 possible prototypes weighted by rarity of traits. Traits include the baby’s element, body, spikes, wings, textures and more.

The Rebirth Private Sale is Details:

December 22nd

10:00 AM HKT on MOVE Market

Why Private Sale?

This is the only time collectors can be guaranteed to mint the FULL SET of 8 baby prototypes (one from each cult) for 1.6ETH (0.2 x 8 NFTs).

Every private sale participant will be dropped with 10,000 $MOVD tokens. And we have offered a chance for the Private Sale Holders to earn more $MOVD at the liquidity mining campaign held on Loopring L2 from December 23th to December 30th. Read about the rewards here:

The MOVE Network’s MOVD tokens will be a part of Loopring’s upcoming liquidity mining campaign, the biggest one of the year. The liquidity pair MOVD/ETH will be on Layer 2! This is your chance to join in the Holiday Trading Giveaway (600,000 USD in Prizes)

Follow The Rebirth NFT Twitter, Instagram and Discord. More Private Sale and Public Sale details will be announced in the Discord. Stay tuned for the latest information to ensure you don’t miss out any exclusive and premium perks.

About MOVE Network

MOVE Network aims at building a decentralized GameFi and metaverse ecosystem that offers players the most convenient and secure solutions to capture value to create, collect, trade, earn, stake, and auction digital assets on multiple chains. Not only having extensive partnerships with different blockchain players, MOVE Network is also well connected with the traditional gaming and telco world, reaching a much larger user base.

About Ceilidhs

Ceilidhs wishes to make more accessible the uncommon luxury of single malt, single cask, cask strength whiskies and is committed to breathing life in the antiquated perception of whisky by reimagining the whisky experience. Ceilidhs differentiate itself from other brands by focusing on products and customer interactions that allow genuine discovery and the unpretentious enjoyment of fine whiskies.

About COR

COR is a brand born from an assembly of multi-faceted creatives that aim to bridge new forms of experiences for the next generation in a decentralized world. COR aims to create and curate all forms of digital and physical artistic expressions: art, music, design, technology, fashion, installations, live events and more. COR is here to recontextualize the core of the human experience.

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MOVE Network is the largest NFT aggregator covering a wide spectrum of NFT products. MOVE Network allows enterprises and start-ups to capture value today by using blockchain technologies to trade, stake, NFT creation and auction assets.

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