MOVE Network Will Launch MOVE Market to Empower Creators

MOVE Network
MOVE Network
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2 min readFeb 15, 2022


The MOVE Market release is just around the corner.

MOVE Market was created with the sincere intention to serve anyone who wishes to appreciate, create and collect digital NFT art. MOVE Market is a place where art lovers and collectors can gather together to explore new media art, NFT crypto art and NFT collectibles by renowned cutting-edge artists.

Perks of our NFT Creator Community:

· Creators showcase their portfolios.
· Creators engage and interact with one another which may lead to future collaborations.
· Creators create NFT collections under the MOVE Ecosystem.
· Creators gain sufficient marketing and technical support from MOVE Ecosystem.

“MOVE Network supports our creators to incentivise their fanbase through staking rewards without needing to build their own cryptocurrency. One of the best practices is that our creators can reward their fanbase with MOVD tokens if their fans stake their NFTs so MOVE enables creators to provide stake-to-earn, collect-to-earn and play-to-earn rewards to their fanbase.” said Brian Ho, Head of Product Growth at MOVE Network.

For NFT collections available on MOVE Market, MOVE sets guidelines for selecting creators for quality assurance. We welcome a variety of creators to apply for NFT listings. Recently, we onboarded our first batch of creators.

We take care of our creators. We want our creators to succeed. We offer our creators value-added support for example: we run educational series on how to list and market their NFTs. We also feature our creators in our multiple social media and social network channels.

For those who are interested to join our creator program, please visit:


MOVE Network is a leading NFT aggregator that covers a wide spectrum of NFT products. MOVE Network allows enterprises and start-ups to capture value by using blockchain technologies to trade, stake, create, and auction NFTs. Users can utilize MOVE Network to own and trade NFT IPs in entertainment, music, artwork, and esports. MOVE Network is a thought leader in the NFT industry. With its recent partnerships, MOVE Network is going global.

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MOVE Network
MOVE Network

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