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NFT Interview Recap with REIMAGINE 2021 and MOVE Network

One of the crypto industry’s latest development booms is in the NFT space, yet with the explosion of innovation taking place it may prove challenging for users to navigate and ascertain true value. In comes, MOVE Network — the space to be! In a recent interview, REIMAGINE 2021, Asher Westropp-Evans interviews Daniel Bokun, President and Co-founder of MOVE Network as part of an ongoing dialogue of how MOVE NFT’s will make blockchain technology mainstream with its forward thinking marketplace.

Perhaps one of the most interesting projects addressing distance between a user and digital assets is the MOVE Network, which is an ecosystem composed of three parts, MOVE Market, MOVE Token (MOVD) and MOVEChain. Each of these three parts works in tandem providing users a seamless one stop shop solution for creating, designing, minting, and launching NFT’s.

Within the ecosystem on MOVE Network, users can make a full spectrum of highly sought-after NFT assets accessible to everyone. MOVE gives power back to content creators and developers while providing greater levels of transparency and verification throughout the process of creation, deployment, and trading.

In this interview, Daniel explains the genesis of MOVE Network, the products within MOVE Network, the long term benefits for investors holding $MOVD token, and shares his vision about NFT.

For more information please watch the full clip here.


Asher: For the person who has never had the pleasure of coming across your network, tell us, what’s MOVE network?

Daniel: Great question. MOVE Network is an ECOSYSTEM composed of three primary verticals: MOVE Market, Move Token and MOVEChain. You can think of it as one stop shop for creating, designing, minting and launching your NFTs.

Asher: You mentioned a little bit about the MOVE NETWORK and the MOVEChain, but I’m interested to know a little bit more about the MOVE Market. A little bit on the foundation of the MOVE Market and how that’s looking to solve issues in the current space?

Daniel: Absolutely! MOVE Market is the place to be. MOVE Market is our first application to support NFT development on the MOVE Network. You can see this platform, Asher, as a method of transferring ownership of highly collectible physical and digital masterpieces. Also, by leveraging the blockchain we can pay a royalty to the artists and provide additional security around authentication and storage. It can support ERC-20 and MOVD — our token, allowing users to access NFT tickets and multimedia NFT trading platforms. MOVE Market also offers NFT collectors an ecosystem to securely maintain unique crypto NFTs and digital assets in one place. Like I mentioned at the start, this is a one-stop-shop solution for end-user’-token-assets to be an attractive medium for virtual trading.

Asher: Such an important element, you know developing our ecosystems, to see it actually getting done valuably in networks is critical to see, such an important step to a fully fledged crypto and blockchain space. Could you take us through some of the memorable moments, milestones and sort of the elements of the MOVE Network and research and development process that got you to where you are now?

Daniel: Yes, haha, it’s definitely a Netflix series in the making! Here at MOVE putting actions behind our words and moving transparently is something that we strive for. On our website you’ll find a whitepaper and product roadmap of where the MOVE team is going for these memorable milestones that we are going to achieve together.

Currently, we are proud that our Beta Version is ready, we’re not just talking, we have the real thing. With Alpha to be set at the end of month. I encourage those interested in NFTs to join our community and follow us on social media, and subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates.

Asher: Can you tell us the motivations and benefits for investors to hold your $MOVD token in the long term?

Daniel: Our global executive team and advisors have deep roots in Music, Gaming, Art and Film, which allows MOVE ownership of diversified IP’s and access to unique NFT offerings. We are backed by some pretty incredible VC’s in this space, that have done their due diligence and want to take help us scale. Ultimately — we are looking to create a digital MOVEment, and that takes time, persistence and desire. All of which our 20+ team have.

By holding MOVD, a few benefits include:

  • Settle and Fund Transactions
  • Blindbox Unlock
  • Platform & Community Governance
  • Access to Presale and Exclusive Sale
  • NFT Creation

MOVE Network is a leading NFT aggregator covering a wide spectrum of NFT products. MOVE Network allows enterprises and start-ups to integrate blockchain technologies to enhance their existing businesses. Users can utilize MOVE Network to own and trade NFT across a variety of sectors including entertainment, music, artwork, and esports.

Join the MOVEment!

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