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Education NFT Panel for the TRIBE Gaming Community!

Hong Kong (January 26, 2022) —

What are NFTs? Join our discussion in this TRIBE x MOVE NFT Panel

TRIBE Gaming and MOVE Network are joining forces to deliver an engaging and educational discussion about NFTs on MOVE Network’s Discord Server. MOVE Network is TRIBE Gaming’s NFT Solutions partner.

Over the past few months, MOVE Network has been working together with Tribe Gaming to dive into the exciting world of NFTs. Together we have created Limited Edition Charity NFTs and supported multiple giveaways.

This NFT Panel is a way to introduce NFTs to the collective 28 million members of the Tribe community.

The panelists are:
1. Michael Valore, VP of Operations at Tribe Gaming
2. Adhrucia Apana, Film Executive Producer, MOVE Network Advisor
3. Evan Kubes, President of Rumble Gaming, MOVE Network Advisor
4. Stacy Ho, Chief Community Officer at MOVE Network

The discussion will be moderated by: Austin Espinoza, Content Creator at Tribe Gaming.

Details are:
Venue: MOVE Discord Server:
Date: Wednesday, January 26th 2022

What are NFTs? What are some exciting use cases for NFTs in gaming? How is an NFT different from an in game skin, item, or character in a regular game like Brawl Stars?

Join us on our MOVE Network Discord Server as we unpack what are NFTs with our esports gaming partner Tribe Gaming and our MOVE Network Advisors! See you from the Stage!

About Tribe Gaming
Tribe Gaming was founded in 2017 by mobile gaming superstar Patrick “Chief Pat” Carney to drive the growth of mobile media, entertainment and esports. Exclusively representing some of the biggest names in mobile content and most talented players in esports, Tribe’s powerhouse of creators have garnered over 28 million fans and 140+ million monthly views on YouTube alone, and Tribe’s esports teams compete in five major mobile titles. Tribe Gaming is based in Austin, Texas with employees located around the world. Follow the Tribe on Twitter (@TribeGaming) or at

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