Labour to move from Co-op to The Unity Trust Bank

Commenting on Labour’s plans to move its money, Charlotte Webster, Campaign Director, Move Your Money said:
 “We welcome the news that The Labour Party is looking to switch from The Co-operative to Unity Trust Bank. It sends a strong signal that it is possible to find a banking provider that matches your needs and values. Demand for a better banking is universal, but the answer is to simply move our cash not wait for top down reform. Labour will join over 2.4m switchers in the UK who’ve voted with their feet and moved their money to another bank in the last year. The Move Your Money switching scorecard compares just over 70 UK and global banking providers on five key categories — honesty, customer service, culture, supporting the economy and ethics. The Unity Trust Bank scores a respectable 78%, find out how your bank scores on our website.”

This story was originally published at in 2014.

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